Exploring the Ruined Villa in Tai She Wan, Sai Kung (20/5/2010)

(Original written in Chinese “探索大蛇灣村“)

To walk from Pak A (北丫) to Tai She Wan Village (大蛇灣村) , just have a 20 minutes walk from a rugged and rough path next to a public pier. The story of Tai She Wan Village can be referred from this site 《大蛇灣的歲月》(In Chinese)


The villa has been set up and run for business several times, the last one was named “Club Captain Bear”. When you enter the place, the first thing you meet is a large black gorilla standing at the entrance covered by long grass.

PictureThe Titan Giant “Atlas”, losing his celestial spheres, lay aside next to the gorilla. The giraffe accompany the Giant. (right here, I still miss the Giraffe in Festival Walk a decade ago)

{P.S. 13/8/13 According to new book “香港廢墟導賞‘ by Lau Lee Lam, these animals really came from Rainforest Cafe in Festival Walk!

Picture)PictureWhole view of the ruined villa as seen from its private pier:

There are 3 low-rise blocks altogether, painted in vivid colour:

Ground floor of the rightmost block look like a large activity room:

Guest rooms in 2nd floor look tidy and luxurious:

It is heard that the previous owner cannot get the appropriate licence to start its business due to stringent environmental requirements (and bureaucracy, I believe) , but he hasn’t destroy the villa. Instead, he shows his generously to let people pass-by to use the villa. However, some valuable items like the electrial appliances, the outdoor units of air conditioner and the solar panel of the solar water heater, has already been dismantled and taken away.

The covered roof is  an excellent place to sit at night (if no annoying mosquito attack) :

Ground floor of the next block seems like a bar, most luxurious decoration still remain.

There is an outdoor coral observating pool, which is used to let visitors who can’t swim can still watch the rich coral resources in the sea bed of Tai She Wan:

The ruined place is now returned to the government. The place cannot be revived by private sector again.

4 Responses to Exploring the Ruined Villa in Tai She Wan, Sai Kung (20/5/2010)

  1. 五珍 says:


    • 平帆 says:


      既然荒廢了,當然可隨便去。這間屋約荒廢了兩至三年,因 2007年東方仍有推介。(見 MSB 文章延伸閱讀部份)


  2. 五珍 says:


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